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Our Patient Portal

Our portal gives you faster, easier access to crucial information about your health records, appointments, and prescriptions, along with access to our doctors through a TeleVisit. These visits are with a board-certified physician and are of the same length and quality as they are in-office – just more convenient.

Through the portal, you can:

  • View or update your patient information

  • Request appointments

  • Send a message to your care team

  • Request medication refills

  • See a physician through a TeleVisit

Registering To Use The Patient Portal


Before you can access the patient portal, you’ll need to create an account with a valid email address.

To create your account, 

  1. Contact us to request a username and temporary password. 

  2. Our team will create a username for you, give you a temporary              password, and email this information to you. 

  3. If it’s easier, we can also tell you your username and temporary              password over the phone, and you can write it down.

Once you are logged in, you will have the option to change your temporary password to one of your choice.

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If You Have Difficulty Logging-in Please Call Your Physician’s Office First. If You Still Need More Help Contact Us