Accessing health care should be easy and worry-free. That includes filling your prescriptions. Our pharmacy makes it easier to get your medications without delay. We even deliver prescriptions right to your door at no additional cost. In addition, when you use MaxHealth’s pharmacy services, you can take advantage of discount pricing.


Our Pharmacy Offers


Customized Pill Packs: Patients that are taking more than 6 medications are offered customized pill packs to take the stress out of managing medications.  Each day is segregated out for fast, easy, no-risk use.


Fast refills: Integrated medical records reduce delays and ensure we contact the correct insurance on file.


Discounts: Special relationships with manufacturers and foundations help our patients get discounts on brand-name drugs.


Price-matching: If a patient sees a special offer provided by another pharmacy, we can price match to help you fill multiple prescriptions in one place.


Compounded medications: In certain circumstances, our pharmacists can tailor medications to your specific needs, mixing ingredients to achieve the exact strength and dosage form specified by your prescriber.

Plus, you can get select antibiotics and diabetes medications free-of-charge, including generic versions of amoxicillin and penicillin.

For more information about pharmacy services, contact MaxHealth today.