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Florida Medical Centers Migrate Thousands Of Patients To Telemedicine

Amid The COVID Pandemic, MAXhealth Continues To See Patients Virtually

At Its Ten Locations On Florida’s West Coast

SARASOTA, FL – May 20, 2020 – MAXhealth, a network of primary care medical centers in multiple communities on Florida’s west coast, seamlessly migrated thousands of patients it serves to virtual, telehealth visits. Since the pandemic began in mid-March, MAXhealth has conducted more than 10,000 telehealth appointments, or “TeleVisits.” The company, headquartered in Sarasota, has developed a robust telemedicine program for new and existing patients to stay healthy and safe during the COVID-19 crisis. Through its telemedicine program, MAXhealth ensures patients have full access to their care team, obtain the information they need to maintain good health, and are empowered to address health concerns in real time, including testing for the coronavirus.

Physicians and other healthcare providers at MAXhealth’s ten locations operate under a value-based care model that requires frequent health monitoring and preventive care. As a result, MAXhealth already had a telehealth program in place to facilitate patient engagement for those unable to travel to its medical centers. Throughout the pandemic, and with the use of personal protective equipment, its doctors and nurses have continued to see patients for in-person visits. However, in mid-March, as the coronavirus outbreak gained attention, and as guidelines for social distancing and stay-at-home orders developed, the company had to massively increase the scope of its telemedicine services.

“Our patient population was uncertain, so they were canceling their appointments,” said Neil Bedi, founder and CEO of MAXhealth. “In a matter of just a few days, we went from 3,000 patient visits per week to less than 700. So we quickly ramped up our telemedicine program and converted most of our appointments to TeleVisits.”

As part of the process, the company had to educate patients about telemedicine and reassure them that a virtual visit with their doctor would be as thorough and as valuable as an in-person appointment. The company modified components of its website, including adding clear, step-by-step registration instructions, new landing pages, and information about how to change an existing appointment to a TeleVisit. The website upgrades were implemented quickly and were accompanied by outbound phone calls and a coordinated blitz of emails to patients. Mr. Bedi estimates his staff has completed more than 7,500 calls over the past six weeks.

The unprecedented effort has paid off, and the vast majority of patients have acclimated to the new paradigm. In fact, MAXhealth continues to attract new patients and maintains plans to open more medical centers this year.

“MAXhealth is growing, and we’re recruiting new physicians for our practices,” said Tom Blankenship, one of MAXhealth’s co-founders and a managing partner. “Doctors want to be able to spend more time with their patients, to focus on prevention, and to free themselves of the administrative and reporting requirements associated with operating their own practices. It’s a formula that works for our patients and for our providers.”

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About MAXhealth

MAXhealth is a network of primary care medical centers that provides convenient, affordable care for patients in communities along Florida’s west and southwest coasts. The organization's patient-centered offerings extend beyond traditional primary care employing experienced specialists in a variety of disciplines, including senior wellness, oncology, cardiology, and women's health. The company also offers diagnostic testing and pharmacy services. For more information, visit: mymaxdoc.com.