• merge2021

A Growing Organization

MAXhealth has brought together some of Florida’s foremost primary care

providers over the past year. Best Value Healthcare, a leading primary care

provider, along with MAXhealth, one of Southwest Florida’s top primary care

providers, are now part of a bigger family with Ridge Medical Associates,

Primary Care Associates, Carlos A. Silva, MD, Beverly Encarnacion, MD, and

Rajesh Patel, MD. With the support of these practices together, our new

team is poised to drive a better experience for patients who’ve entrusted us

with their care, better experiences for physicians and specialists, and better

outcomes for our stakeholders.

The combined entities will provide best-in-class medical care to over 80,000

patients through nearly 60 locations statewide. Achieving our mission of

becoming Florida’s a leading national provider of high-value primary and

specialty care services will keep us focused on reinventing the relationship

between patients and healthcare providers for the better.