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Florida Primary Care Network Avoids Catastrophic Health Issues For Patients With Chronic Conditions

MAXhealth Applies Multi-Pronged Approach To Ensure Continuity Of Care During COVID-19 Crisis

SARASOTA, FL – July 8, 2020 – MAXhealth, a network of primary care medical centers in multiple communities on Florida’s west coast, has implemented a range of tactics during the Pandemic to dodge potentially disastrous outcomes among its thousands of patients with chronic conditions. The primary care organization acted quickly and decisively to ensure patients with chronic illnesses continued to access care. As a result, MAXhealth has been able to prevent these patients’ disease states from deteriorating and falling into an acute care crisis. The company, headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, relied heavily on an aggressive and rapid pivot to telemedicine. In addition, its physicians and support staff initiated frequent outreach, mostly by phone, to check on patients’ health status. Patient education, as-needed in-person visits, and a focus on patients’ mental health needs rounded out the robust program.

“Unfortunately, diabetes and heart failure don’t miraculously disappear because we’re in the midst of a Pandemic,” said Inita Bedi, COO and founding member of MAXhealth. “Chronic diseases are not cured by isolation. So, while we encourage our patients to stay home and avoid contact with anyone who is not following strict social distancing guidelines, we also engage them with regular TeleVisits and personal support to help them get through this frightening time.”

Virtual care makes it easier for patients with chronic disease to manage their health, and it can empower them to recognize new or worsening symptoms and identify warning signs that may require interventions. Using telemedicine along with phone communication, MAXhealth’s providers helped its patients with chronic conditions establish new self-reporting routines and adhere to vital medication regimens.

Physicians and other healthcare providers at MAXhealth’s ten locations operate under a value-based care model that requires frequent health monitoring and preventive care. When the pandemic transformed healthcare delivery in March 2020, MAXhealth already had its telehealth program in place, since a large population of its patients are unable to travel to its medical centers. Instead of “reinventing the wheel,” the company increased the scope of its virtual visits while still seeing patients in-person.

The focus on patients with chronic care needs becomes all the more relevant with Florida’s coronavirus cases hitting record highs in June. While businesses may be reopening across the state, vulnerable populations are at an increased risk – that includes patients with chronic lung disease, moderate to severe asthma, severe obesity, diabetes, liver disease, chronic kidney disease, and patients who are immunocompromised.

We’re transforming our practices to give our providers the tools they need to deliver excellent patient care,” added Neil Bedi, founder and CEO of MAXhealth. “Ensuring ongoing healthcare for chronically-ill patients is a crucial component of effective population health management, and our multi-pronged approach absolutely helps. Our patients are doing really well despite these trying circumstances.”

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About MAXhealth

MAXhealth is a network of primary care medical centers that provides convenient, affordable care for patients in communities along Florida’s west and southwest coasts. The organization's patient-centered offerings extend beyond traditional primary care employing experienced specialists in a variety of disciplines, including senior wellness, oncology, cardiology, and women's health. The company also offers diagnostic testing and pharmacy services. For more information, visit: mymaxdoc.com.